Sakura Office

Sakura Color Products Corporation is celebrating our 100th years of history since its founding in 1921. These 100 years were those of innovation and continuous challenges to live up to our corporate moto “Our company contributes to education and culture.”

Their history of innovation started with the world’s first oil pastel “Cray-pas”TM in 1925, followed by the world’s first water-based pigment ink “Pigma”TM in 1982 and the world’s first gel ink ballpoint pen “Ballsign”TM (or “GellyRoll”TM outside Japan) in 1984.

Sakura considers it their charge to provide innovative products, enabling every student and artist, both amateur and professional, to experience the joy of creative expression at affordable prices. With our products, we also serve the needs of industrial and business use across various industries.

This site is operated by X-Press Graph-X Pty Ltd, the official distributor for Sakura Color Products in Australia.